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About Us

We began as an informal club in 1999 and in October 2000, we became a non-profit corporation. The main objective of the club was to help people new to the sport get started. Today, helping people and their dog get started out right is still one of the prime objectives of the club. We started small right here in the midwest and have experienced tremendous growth.

Our proprietary training is known and used around the WORLD because our program works. We are now the premier source of honest and useful information to help you train your "jor" dog.

Our information may get cut and pasted and reclaimed but it still started here.

It has been said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  Charles Caleb Colton ....That's great but please note that whether specifically posted or not, everything here is copyrighted.

We are your dogs' advocate and we are the progressive dog powered sports advocate.

The Midwest Skijorers Club is committed to responsibly advancing the sport of skijoring.

We assist ALL levels of skijorers and their dogs with seminars, clinics and events so they may more fully enjoy this unique sport.

We endeavor to develop and promote dog-friendly events and activities related to skijoring.

We strive to promote consistency and uniformity at all levels of the skijor (dog powered sports) community (IFSS/ISDRA race rules, policies, procedures, etiquette, and protocol).

We seek positive and responsible growth and promotion through progressive education.

We seek to educate the public about the positive nature and benefits of skijoring (dog powered sports) for dogs and their human companions.

We work with communities for greater trail access and improved trail safety.


Skijoring is much more fun than just Skiing-With-Your-Dog, (aka Ski-WYD).

The word Skijoring is derived from the word "hunde-kjoring" (dog driving) and "draghunden" (pull dog). Skijor translates to "ski driving". Therefore by definition; skijoring (and any other joring, or dog powered sport) is a drafting activity.

SKIJORING IS SKIING WHILE YOUR DOG IS OUT IN FRONT PULLING .......... (if the line aint tight, you aint joring).

Defined by boolean formula: SKI+ DOGPOWER=SKIJOR

Defined by the exhilarating feeling:  Skijoring="FunSquared for ALL"

If you are interested in skijoring and would like to help us promote this unique sport please consider joining Midwest Skijorers Club (a member-supported non-profit organization).

The benefits of joining include: joining a FUN group of skijorers, FREE access to our member only section of this site as well as clinics and fun runs, discounted entry fee to our races and much more. Your support through club membership helps to "pay-it-forward".

For more information contact our membership staff by clicking here or fill out and mail the membership form (you may also join using paypal).




"JOIN" the Midwest Skijorers Club as a paid contributing member you can use the "Members only forum" here on for detailed in-depth sport "secrets".

"JOIN" the skijor yahoo-group (list serv) and browse hundreds of photos, files and participate in great discussions).

"BOOKMARK" us, WWW.SKIJOR.ORG as a favorite site and CHECK BACK often for updates as we are always adding and improving content.

NEWS: We have some exciting new venues on the horizon too. This is a very exciting time and we would appreciate any assistance in making the most of these great opportunities.  We need additional people to help grow these competitive venue opportunities (Race development/promotion committee).

The club is always hard at work updating our training programs. See our home page for training schedules.  Our training is for all of us to get better so we can promote safe and responsible skijoring. Come on out and train often.

The NEW and UPDATED Skijor101 as well as a RACING 101 presentations have been added to the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).


For more detailed and in-depth discussion on all things "joring/dog powered", please join the club and log onto to the "Member Forum" in the member area of this website.